Guidance for your Prefect Application Process 2021

Becoming a prefect next year is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain some valuable work experience, to support younger students in school and provide great evidence for your CVs for the future.

Over the summer I would like you to complete you application letter, but only do so once you have done some preparatory tasks.

  • Helped others at home or in the community.  This could be completing a project for you families – decorating, gardening, helping out by looking after brothers and sisters (and occupying them constructively).  You might also be involved in community work, which would also be good evidence.
  • Planning your wider contribution to school.  As a prefect I would like you to consider how you can think big and contribute to our school community. Put together your ideas – you can work with friends on this task.
  • How are you going to be a success in your GCSEs? Create an action plan to follow next year to ensure you perform to your maximum potential in your GCSEs.  This could be revision timetables, gathering your resources, planning non work time activities to recharge, researching how to revise effectively. This about what you have learned in the last two weeks of half term.

Once you return in September, please bring your application letter to Mr Greenhalgh.  We will then organise the prefect interviews for late September.

You will be active prefects until Easter, when next year’s Year 10 will take over.  This will ensure you have plenty of time to prepare for your exams.

Remember being a prefect does not hinder your exam preparation;  it actually helps you to succeed.  By becoming a prefect you will be able to organise your time better, feel more motivated and have greater self confidence. 

You will also get lots of support and also some rewards for your work, so don’t hold back.

Please click on the link below to download the application form:-

Prefect Application Form