Dear Year 10 students (and families),

I hope you are all holding up well out there! There has been a lot of unhelpful speculation in the press about you all over the past few days. Please try not to get drawn into guessing what is happening next, I can tell you from experience it just makes your head hurt!

One question at the forefront of your minds will be the exams next year. At this stage the government and exam boards are working to ensure you can sit exams next summer, maybe later than usual. But nothing has been finalised. Please just keep working and take each day as it comes, any exams you do take will factor in the disruption you have experienced, but they will expect you to be studying whilst at home.

We are making plans to try to get you through the doors for a session with a teacher. I have made a video to try to explain the way your work is being delivered now and for the rest of the year and what the sessions in school will be like. Apologies it is 9 minutes long! I need you to watch the video, read the Returning to School booklet and then respond to the questionnaire.

This was supposed to come to you yesterday but I couldn’t upload the video! Thanks to Miss Hudson it is now sorted. So ignore the deadline in the video and please complete the questionnaire by FRIDAY at 10am.

Hope to see you all soon,

Mrs England

This is the video link to youtube          This is the Returning to School guide          This is the link for the questionnaire