We understand that moving from primary to secondary school is a significant change in your child’s life, which is why we have a dedicated team, focusing on both pastoral and academic aspects of transition, to support your child during this time.

We have strong links with local primary schools, which means that many students have contact with Shuttleworth through Curriculum Links and Most Able support from Year 5 onwards. In October of each year, we welcome Year 6 students to join us for taster days. This enables students to familiarise themselves with secondary school, developing the students’ confidence in moving onwards. Throughout Year 6 students are welcome to join us for after school enrichment sessions, run by our transition team, supporting them in making new friends, getting to know us and becoming part of the Shuttleworth community.

During the summer term, our transition team will visit each feeder primary to meet our new students officially and build a pen portrait of each child. We take pride in getting to know each student before they start in September, which enables us to both support and enhance their Shuttleworth journey. All new entrants join us for a highly engaging and successful transition week, which leads to a parent and career showcase because we understand the importance of knowing that your child is happy and secure at their new school.  Our transition week theme is continued into summer school, which runs in the first week of the holidays and is open to any new students.

The transition process does not end in September, as they will be supported throughout Year 7 by the pastoral leader that has guided them through transition. Our new Year 7 students are also buddied with Year 11 prefects who act as mentors whilst the students settle in.

At Shuttleworth we’re proud of our transition process, and how quickly our year 7 students settle in.

Student Quote:

“I’m really proud to attend Shuttleworth; it’s brilliant, such a fantastic school, the facilities are fantastic. I want to be a role model for the students because the prefects have inspired me to be just like them. They helped me out so much during transition and I think I’d be lost without them. They’ve helped me to make friends and they’re really good.

“Obviously it’s a much bigger school than primary school and you have to move around a lot which you don’t at primary school. There are more students, but that means there are so many more people to help you.

“Mr. Turner helped me so much too; he made the switch from primary to secondary school really easy. I first met him in Year 3 or 4 when he came into my primary school and he seemed like a really good person. He gave me really good explanations about what Shuttleworth was like and I knew I could trust him.

“I’d already been to Shuttleworth with my school for different activities, like the telescope challenge in Year 5, and enrichment. I think the transition week was brilliant as well as I got to know other people and make more friends so I was excited rather than nervous about my new school.”

-Joseph Borg, Year 8

Faculty introduction:

Hello, we’re Mr. Turner & Mrs. Price, Shuttleworth’s transition team. As Year 7 Pastoral Leader and Transition Lead respectively, we work closely with feeder primaries to get to know your child before they even start in Year 7. We liaise directly with your child’s class teacher and run a range of curriculum and enrichment programmes, which you can learn more about using the links on this page. By the time your child starts in Year 7, they will have had plenty of opportunities to get to know us, giving them familiar, friendly faces when they start their Shuttleworth journey!

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“Increasing numbers of parents are choosing the school for their children. Leaders ensure that pupils in Year 6 benefit from an extremely effective programme to support their transition from primary school. Pupils in other year groups can develop their leadership skills through their involvement in this well-planned programme of activities.”

Ofsted 2018