At Shuttleworth we have devised the ‘Stairway to Success’ to ensure that students are introduced into leadership roles when they arrive in Year 7, with these being developed throughout their school career.

The first step on the stairway to success is in Year 7, when student ambassadors liaise with local primary schools to aid the transition of younger students into Shuttleworth. In Year 8, ambassadors manage and support the ambassadors in Year 7 before moving on to supporting staff with school events and duties in Year 9. In Year 10, the ambassadors are entrusted with the responsibility of representing Shuttleworth in the local community. Successful ambassadors can then apply for prefect and senior prefect positions. 

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity to develop the skills you will need later in life.  It also gives the school the opportunity to say well done and thank you for your hard work.  Praise is a massive motivational tool and at Shuttleworth we want to praise you as much as possible. If you’ve got a passion or desire to introduce a programme or idea into school, then being a school ambassador will give you the opportunity to deliver this.  We aim to create self-confident and independent students who want to make a difference.

For Years 7-10 the application process will start in autumn term following an assembly outlining your role and opportunities.  In each year group you will have to write a letter of application explaining your suitability for the role.  This is a totally inclusive process; anyone can apply regardless of academic ability or social background.  You just have to have the ambition to succeed and be willing to give time and energy into your role. You will receive a yellow ambassador badge to make you stand out from the crowd.

For prefects the application process is much more challenging. As well as a letter of application, students will be interviewed by the Chair of Governors and Head Teacher. Finally they will deliver a presentation with their friends to show their communication skills.

Please note that even though some face-to-face activities this year may be limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, our Student Voice is still vital to Shuttleworth College.

“I like being an ambassador because I enjoy helping out around the school.”

Year 11 Student