Meet our Head Girl and Head Boy!

“Hi, I’m Nicole and I am proud to be the current Head Girl at Shuttleworth College.

My interests include most sports but my favourite has to be netball, as playing netball in school has lead me to play outside of school.  I also enjoy baking and crafting.  My favourite subjects are PE and geography, as they interest me the most.  My main ambition would be to run my own business, or to study hard to work in the medical field, but overall to be happy and successful.

Outside the classroom, I like our school’s friendly atmosphere and always being surrounded by friends and supportive teachers.  I like to take part in most after school clubs and events, as I like being involved in the school’s community.

I look forward to working with our Head Boy Jacob, the deputies, and the rest of the team and hope to represent the school to the best of my abilities.”


“Hello, my name is Jacob and I am Head Boy here at Shuttleworth College.

I like to play football in and out of school and I am on the school team!

My favourite subjects in school are PE as I am quite sporty, and maths as I have a great teacher. In later life I would like to work in business.

In school the teachers are very helpful and try to make lessons as fun and engaging as possible. Outside school there are many activities you can get involved in such as football, badminton and table tennis. There are also a variety of clubs on at lunch time including drama club and homework club if you need help with homework.

I look forward to working with Nicole our Head Girl, and the other prefects. I also look forward to seeing all the new Year 7s in September.”

“The headteacher has a clear vision. She is uncompromising in her ambition and she has transformed the school’s ethos.”

Ofsted 2018