You can make a difference in our school: by joining our student council.  In September each year, every form chooses two students to represent them on the student council.  They will take part in year team meetings led by the pastoral leaders.

This year there will be three full council meetings run by two senior prefects who will manage the meetings and organise the follow up activities.  These council leaders are Owen Sharples and Phoebe Devlin.  The meetings will give the council the opportunity to work with and question Mrs England.

A major role for the council will be the follow-up activities that will arise from these discussions with the Mrs England.  We want the council to actually accomplish its objectives and make a difference to the school.  In the past we have collected food for the local food bank, worked on a mental health campaign and looked to develop rewards for students in school.  As we adapt to the “new normal”, we will be looking at opportunities for the council to do things to help our local community inside and outside school. To make you stand out from the crowd you will receive a red council badge.

“I love being on the student council because it’s fun going to meetings.”

Year 11 Student