Here at Shuttleworth College, we are committed to bringing literacy & numeracy into every aspect of school life, giving students a solid grounding in their most important skills.

Our school is passionate about developing literacy skills across the curriculum. Strong literacy skills are the foundation upon which success is built; through a focus on reading, writing and oracy, we enable students to strengthen their literacy skills ready to be successful at GCSE, further study and the world of work.

We endeavour to create a reading culture and encourage students to read widely and often. Students have reading time with their form tutors and complete literacy activities during form time on a rotation with other activities. We also expect that students in Year 7, 8 & 9 have a reading book in their bag at all times which will used for independent reading at the start of one lesson per day during Drop Everything And Read (DEAR). These initiatives are extremely popular as Emily, a Year 8 student, proved when she said; “I love DEAR because it means that I get time to enjoy reading in school.”

Out of the classroom, students have the opportunity to complete literacy challenges and competitions throughout the year, both internal and external. This year we challenged students to read the height of the school! They earn certificates and prizes. They also compete to be awarded special literacy prizes.

Across the whole curriculum, aspects of numeracy also are needed in a variety of subjects such as Science, Geography and Technology.  We know that numeracy skills are some of the most important for future success and the mathematics faculty work hard to ensure that the most important aspects of numeracy are taught consistently and integrated across all areas of the school. To help the transition between Key Stage 3 and GCSE Mathematics, select pupils are entered into an entry-level certificate qualification, which focuses on mastering the key skills and fundamental concepts of mathematics, to work alongside their GCSE Maths course.

Rewards are also offered through the same channels as those used in literacy, as well as opportunities for pupils to be entered into national maths competitions through the UK Maths Challenge. An after school club is dedicated to preparing pupils for this event with all Key Stage 3 pupils welcome. For those with an interest in STEM, there is a weekly Robotics club. The club aims to prepare for a national competition where teams from all around the country compete to create, build and program a robot to complete various tasks and challenges.

“Leaders’ whole school focus on literacy is securing improvement in pupils’ reading, writing and communication.”

Ofsted 2018