Here at Shuttleworth College, all of our staff understand the importance of rewards as they show students that we care, that we are continuously looking for them to succeed, and that we want to acknowledge this in many different ways.

We link our rewards directly to the Shuttleworth values both inside and outside of the classroom and they are an integral part of the college’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural agenda. We take every opportunity to celebrate student successes and do this…



Students can earn reward points in a variety of ways They aren’t just earned in the classroom, but through extra-curricular loyalty cards, random acts of kindness, excellent home-learning, and 100% attendance. All staff allocate reward points throughout the week. Below is the full table of how students can earn Reward points.

Attendance (100% week) 25
Attendance (100% per ½ term) 50
Sustained engagement in learning 10
Excellent classwork 15
Excellent effort 15
Excellent home learning 15
Excellent report 15
Extra-curricular involvement 15
Form reading 10
Being a good Shuttleworth citizen through manners, attitude and respect 10
Lexia 10
Library (reading/returning) 10
Random acts of kindness 15
Representing the college 20
Student of the week 25
Embodying our value of community 10
Embodying our value of perseverance 10
Embodying our value of pride 10
Embodying our value of resilience 10
Embodying our value of achievement 10
Helping at school events 20


Each week students will be updated on their total number of reward points in form. Student successes are celebrated by:

  • Student of the week nominations
  • Certificates given out in assembly for students who earned the most reward points that week
  • Reward points for those who fill up their extra-curricular loyalty card
  • Reward points for those with 100% attendance that week


Each half-term we celebrate student successes further through prizes given in assembly to the top five students in each year group with the highest cumulative reward points. One form of students in each year group also receive breakfast in form for attaining the highest number of reward points out of all of the forms in that year.


Each term students attend Headteacher assemblies, in which Mrs. England awards certificates and badges for academic achievement, commitment, and embodiment of the school values.

Parents will receive details of their child’s progress regarding reward points on their child’s reports. This helps us to celebrate success both inside and outside of school!


Each year we celebrate student success with:

  • Awards evenings for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Leavers’ assembly for Year 11
  • Trip to Blackpool for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10, subject to good behaviour and parental consent