The Personal, Social, & Health Education curriculum is designed to help pupils gain the skills knowledge and understanding they need to lead, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens.

It is a process that involves the entire world of the young person, of which school can play a significant part. Personal development involves knowledge, attitudes, skills, relationships and behaviour that can be utilised in and outside the classroom. This involves thinking processes, managing emotions, values and relationships along with a range of life skills that assist young people is coping with the challenges of everyday living.


Miss L. Binns


PSHE Curriculum Map

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Adaptations to PSHE – September 2020 onwards

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“PSHE is about making sure children and young people have the skills they need to grow up as healthy individuals who can make informed decisions about their lives.”

Anne Longfield, Children's Commissioner

“I like PSHE because we learn things that we don't normally learn in other lessons. It is helpful because we know more about what to do when we are in important situations. It gives us life skills that we would not learn about anywhere else. It is useful because it helps us to avoid things like cancer and other illnesses that come from an unhealthy lifestyle.”

Year 11 student