Through the process of health promotion, students can become stronger as individuals. They are encouraged to work with others to improve the social, emotional, and physical environment.

Students’ involvement in health promotion fosters their resilience by developing in them:

  • a sense of shared responsibility
  • a sense of connectedness and belonging
  • a sense of self-efficacy (the feeling that they are capable of succeeding in a learning task)
  • a belief that they can make a difference and bring about change

We support literacy by…

improving student’s oracy through specific activities and game play in Key Stage 3. We also promote the spelling of key words during a warm up. At Key Stage 4 we follow the whole school marking policy and break down the spelling and oracy of key words specific to the subject.

We support numeracy by…

students acting as time keepers, measuring out specific areas/activities, and acting as a referee/umpire. At KS4 we support numeracy by teaching students the range of muscle movement (angles), lever systems, the cardiovascular system, and working out average scores of fitness tests in comparison to national averages.

Student resources:

KS3 –

KS4 –  GCSE Physical Education Syllabus from 2018


How will my child be ‘set’ in this subject?

At Key Stage 3 students will be placed into a set after a series of baseline assessments have taken place. Students are generally put into a set before the end of the first term.

How many periods a week will children spend learning this subject?

For core PE:

  • Years 7-9 –  1.5 hours per week (over a two week timetable)
  • Years 10 &  11 – 1 hour per week (over a two week timetable)

Additional hours for GCSE PE and Cambridge National Sports Science students are as follows:

  • Years 10 & 11 = 3 hours per week (over a two week timetable)

What career opportunities are there with this subject?

Career opportunities stemming from Physical Education include; teaching, coaching, personal training, and physiotherapy.

What ‘out-of-classroom’ or extra-curricular learning experiences will my child get?

In PE, we have an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and clubs to take part in, a full schedule of which can be found here. We also regularly take teams on trips to various sporting fixtures, with the chance to represent Shuttleworth and compete against other school teams.  We also give students the opportunity to go on sports trips abroad, to places such as Barcelona.


Miss L. Pennington


PE Syllabus 2020-21

Download (pdf)

“PE should be at the core of any curriculum because it’s about critical thinking and collaboration, it’s about personal, mental, physical and social well-being and it’s about our pursuit of excellence both personally and professionally.”

Andy Vasily

“I enjoy PE because of the wide range of sports we can do. There’s also many extra-curricular clubs. I chose GCSE PE because I wanted to learn more about the body and how exercise can help.”

Year 11 Student