Through the process of health promotion, students can become stronger as individuals. They are encouraged to work with others to improve the social, emotional, and physical environment.

Students’ involvement in health promotion fosters their resilience by developing in them:

  • a sense of shared responsibility
  • a sense of connectedness and belonging
  • a sense of self-efficacy (the feeling that they are capable of succeeding in a learning task)
  • a belief that they can make a difference and bring about change


Miss L. Pennington


PE Syllabus 2020-21

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“PE should be at the core of any curriculum because it’s about critical thinking and collaboration, it’s about personal, mental, physical and social well-being and it’s about our pursuit of excellence both personally and professionally.”

Andy Vasily

“I enjoy PE because of the wide range of sports we can do. There’s also many extra-curricular clubs. I chose GCSE PE because I wanted to learn more about the body and how exercise can help.”

Year 11 Student