Media Studies GCSE at Shuttleworth encourages students to immerse themselves in media and explore how it shapes the world around them.

They study a range of forms from traditional print based newspapers, to 1940s advertisements in comparison with 21st century ones, to contemporary films and television shows such as Spectre, The IT Crowd or Luther. Issues such as representation of gender or ethnicity in contemporary and historical media texts allows them to understand societal issues. Students also get the opportunity to research, design and create their own media product from a set of Eduqas/WJEC briefs.

We support literacy by…

making it an integral part of students’ daily practice; their reading, writing and communication skills are developed and stretched in all lessons. Our skilled team have high expectations of all students and utilise every available opportunity to develop literacy skills through the promotion of key academic vocabulary, communication mats, proof reading, and modelling accurate formal language.

We support numeracy by…

encouraging students in their problem-solving skills when dissecting exam-style questions.


How will my child be ‘set’ in this subject?

This is an option subject and classes are mixed ability.

How many periods a week will children spend learning this subject?

5 hours per fortnight.

What are the career opportunities of this subject?

Studying opens many doorways in terms of career. Analytical and evaluation skills are developed, as well as independence and self-management through the NEA (non-exam assessed) element. Exploration of social and political contexts stretches students’ understanding of the world around them which is a valuable quality. Studying media beyond Key Stage 4 can be a springboard to jobs in journalism, teaching and marketing to name a few.

What ‘out-of-classroom’ or extra-curricular learning experiences will my child get?

Students will have the opportunity to visit Bradford’s Media Museum or MediaCity in Salford. We also have links with local KS5 providers who will deliver workshops to our students.


Miss R. Roach


Media 3 Year Curriculum Map

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Stephen King

“English at Shuttleworth has opened my eyes to worlds I never knew existed.”

Emily Colton, Year 9