The Mathematics department at Shuttleworth College seeks to inspire pupils to gain an appreciation of the importance and relevance of Mathematics, as well as to excel academically.

All students are encouraged to achieve their full potential at all levels by the use of differentiated programmes of study to create a bespoke learning experience for all students. Staff support students both during lessons and after school to help students reach their potential.

All Mathematics rooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard and the department uses a combination of traditional teaching methods as well as interactive teaching methods. Students are also given the opportunity to work on appropriate technology when a topic lends itself to this. Alongside this, students all receive regular feedback from teachers and peers, both verbal and written. They are also regularly assessed with end of topic assessments throughout the course. They are encouraged to self-assess and peer assess their work during their lessons and this is then used to inform future planning.


Miss A. Bates


Maths 5 Year Curriculum Map

Maths 5 Year Curriculum Map (pdf)

Maths Syllabus

Maths (pdf)

“Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.”

Bertrand Russell

“I love maths. We learn difficult topics and get challenged to be our best. It is a good environment as we are hard-working and there are no distractions.”

Katelyn Sturdy, Year 11