At Shuttleworth College, we know that high-quality homework can enhance the progress that students.

Research shows that setting pupils high-quality homework has an average impact of five months’ additional progress in a year in secondary schools. Homework is used to extend, consolidate, and enrich learning, whilst allowing students to investigate new things.

Teachers set homework using Show My Homework. This is an online homework management tool that allows parents and students to view homework online using a PC or by downloading apps for use on iOS or Android phones. You can access Show My Homework by clicking here or you can download the Parent Guide to the website here.

Any problems with using the website can be referred to Mrs. Harrison by emailing or ICT Support via

“Show My Homework is easy to use and useful for knowing what homework is due; it also shows my timetable.  I can download the free app and I can get notifications when my homework is due.  It is easy to access the homework and teachers can attach sheets too.” -Mark Renwick, Year 11, and Lidia Arkwright, Year 10

Shuttleworth also provides students with a wealth of resources to help them with their homework. Students are welcome to use our library, well stocked with books and computers; during break, lunch, & after-school; to complete homework, study, and print out homework. If they need additional help or support logging in or printing off resources, they can speak to their class teacher or pastoral leader.

Click here to download our parents’ guide to ShowMyHomework