Health and Social Care is ideal for people who are interested in social work, health care and childcare.

It provides a practical, real-world approach and develops the specific knowledge and skills students need to work successfully in the care industry. These include; working with a range of service users from babies and toddlers, through to adults with specific needs and the elderly; developing project management and independent learning skills by exploring provision of services in the sector; and communication skills to support people with a range of needs.

This course aims to give students a broader understanding and knowledge of Health and Social Care careers, developing the skills and qualities valued by employers and further education colleges

We support literacy by…

Encouraging the correct spelling and use of course-specific terminology in both written work and discussion.

We support numeracy by…

Making use of problem-solving skills.


Student resources:



How will my child be ‘set’ in this subject?

Students are set according to their options pathways.

How many periods a week will children spend learning this subject?

3 hours per week

What are the career opportunities of this subject?

After completing Health and Social Care, students will be ideally placed to continue in this sector, as healthcare assistants, nurses, community support workers, care supervisors and social services officers.


Mrs C Price


Health & Social Care Syllabus

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The World Health Organisation