English at Shuttleworth encourages students to immerse themselves in literature and manipulate language in creative and inventive ways.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is broad and varied, enabling students to discover new worlds, explore exotic locations, step back in time and soak up the wonder of the English language through a variety of prose, plays, and poetry. They are challenged to utilise language for a variety of purposes and audiences. At Key Stage 4 students will hone their skills and begin to approach the GCSE examinations, building upon the solid foundations laid at Key Stage 3. Students develop their appreciation of the nuances of language and explore key literary works in detail, supporting them as they become more creative writers and critical readers, leaving with a love of reading and appreciation of the magic of writing.

We support literacy by…

making it an integral part of students’ daily practice; their reading, writing and communication skills are developed and stretched in all lessons. Our skilled team have high expectations of all students and utilise every available opportunity to develop literacy skills through the promotion of key academic vocabulary, communication mats, proof reading, and modelling accurate formal language.

We support numeracy by…

encouraging students in their problem-solving skills when dissecting exam-style questions.


Student resources:

KS4 –     English Literature Texts


Here is our virtual library! Click on the books for extracts to read and listen to. Happy reading!






What are the career opportunities of this subject?

English Language and Literature study opens many doorways in terms of career. A good grasp of English Language is vital as competent communication skills are required all areas of work. Studying English Language or Literature beyond Key Stage 4 can be a springboard to jobs in law, journalism, teaching, media, and marketing to name a few.

What ‘out-of-classroom’ or extra-curricular learning experiences will my child get?

To support a culture of reading across school, Year 7, 8 & 9 students take part in whole class reading for pleasure, reading a range of engaging and challenging texts. Internal and external reading and writing competitions are regularly shared with students and where possible we invite authors or poets to school to deliver workshops (currently, this will be remotely). Theatre trips take place when possible, linked to GCSE texts, and we have links with universities who deliver creative writing workshops to Key Stage 4 students at the university and remotely.



Miss R. Roach


Recovery Curriculum Map 2020-21

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Stephen King

“English at Shuttleworth has opened my eyes to worlds I never knew existed.”

Emily Colton, Year 10