One of the key measures of success for any school is the destinations data of their students as they leave and transition into their post-16 options.

Here at Shuttleworth College, we view it as essential that our young people are informed and guided in their choices so that any decisions made ensure that they get the best start. We now implement a comprehensive programme of CEIAG with the internal data below showing significant improvements.

Click here to view our 2016-2018 Destinations Data

The family of every student have an essential part to play in helping with this transition. By using the information in General Information (link) and the following links, you can help us to give your child the best start.,,,, and are all great resources. You can also ring an advisor on (0800) 100 900 throughout the day and at weekends.

Find out more about apprenticeships via, or It’s always worth looking at up to date University Information, or if University isn’t your child’s chosen route, then you can check out Alternative Routes Barclays, which has set up Life Skills, aimed at helping young people with the skills they need to go forward into work.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi