Enterprise & Marketing is ideal for people who are interested in business.

It provides a practical, real-world approach and develops the specific knowledge and skills students need to work successfully in the business industry. These include; enterprise and marketing concepts, business proposals, market research and data, marketing, branding and pitching.

This course aims to give students a broader understanding and knowledge of Business careers, developing the skills and qualities valued by employers and further education colleges

We support literacy by…

integrating real world examples and case studies as we review application of knowledge, introducing students to a broader range of medium and vocabulary. We incorporate subject specific vocabulary within each lesson and are explicit about definitions and usage. Students are supported with extended writing tasks, and are encouraged to use keywords and key concepts within their explanations. There are frequently embedded opportunities to analyse and evaluate enterprise and marketing practices as we investigate the viability of business products and services.

We support numeracy by…

acknowledging the importance of numbers in enterprise, through calculation and analysis. Students will be supported with compiling and analysing market data, as well as calculating business costings, including revenue, profit, break even and pricing strategies.

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How will my child be ‘set’ in this subject?

Students are set according to their options pathways.

How many periods a week will children spend learning this subject?

3 hours per week

What are the career opportunities with this subject?

After completing Enterprise & Marketing, students will be ideally placed to continue in this sector, working towards further business qualifications or apprenticeships.


Mrs C Price


Business: Enterprise & Marketing Syllabus

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“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

Steve Jobs