Art, craft and design education allows us to engage our senses, consider our perspectives and perceive the world in new ways. It fosters imagination, creativity, understanding and appreciation of aesthetics. Moreoever, it is essential for our personal and social development and sense of self.

The art, craft and design curriculum at Shuttleworth College aims to engage, inspire and challenge.  It is our vision to equip our students with the confidence, knowledge and skills to experiment, analyse, communicate, design and create works of art with increasing pride, resilience, independence and confidence.

Students are taught to use a range of techniques to record observations in a sketchbooks and other formats as a basis for exploring ideas and they experiment with a wide range of two and three dimensional media and processes, including printmaking and ceramics. Through analysis and evaluation of their own work, and that of others, students refine application techniques and visual impact of their creative outcomes. Across both key stages students conduct research and gain knowledge and inspiration from a range of art, craft and design genres and the world around them.


Ms. C. Walsh


Art, Craft & Design 5 Year Curriculum Map

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Art, Craft and Design Syllabus

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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

“I really enjoy my art lessons as I get to develop my own ideas and be really creative. I like working with a range of media and I have really enjoyed the 'Identity' project this year. I have developed my drawing skills but have also made a ceramic artwork that I am really proud of.”

Year 9 pupil